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provides Professional Assistance for Consumers, and Appliance Service Companies, as well as an Independent Service Company Directory, that allows all Independent Appliance Repair & Service Companies to list their business information into the Service Company Directory, for FREE, so SubZero consumers can more easily find a reputable appliance repair company, to Service or Repair their SubZero Refrigeration products!

SubZero consumers, that own SubZero refrigerators and freezers, that are looking for a local Service and Repair Company, can browse through all the local service companies, to evaluate and choose the most appropriate service company to suit their needs.

There has never been a resource such as this, and it is invaluable, not only for the SubZero consumer, who does not know where to find a reputable service and repair company, to repair their refrigeration products, but also for the Independent Appliance Service & Repair Companies, to make sure they are listed, so SubZero consumers know how to contact them!

Independent Service and Repair Companies, post your business information into the directory asap, so consumers know where and how to contact you!

We hope that this resource will make things much easier, for the SubZero consumer, as well as for the Independent Appliance Repair Service companies, nationwide!

Thank you, Management


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