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    If you need to find an Independent SubZero Refrigerator or Freezer Service & Repair Company, we can direct you to several in your area, that you can choose from, by evaluating their previous repair reviews online...

  • If your SubZero is In Warranty, you have no choice, but to Call SubZero, but if it is Out of Warranty, Do Not Call SubZero, but call one of the tens of thousands of extremely experienced Independent Service companies in your area!
    Here's how...
  • Go to and check out the Independent Refrigerator/Freezer Repair companies
  • Go to and check out the Independent Refrigerator/Freezer Repair companies
  • We recommend you ONLY use Independent Service Companies, NOT SubZero affiliated service companies, if your product is out of warranty!
  • SubZero turned their back on all their consumers, and Authorized Service Companies, by pulling all their parts out of distribution, and pulling all contracts they had for many years, with Independent Service companies nationwide, making it impossible for Independent Service Companies to deliver the same great service to the consumer, as they always have! Rewarding the very few, hand-picked SubZero Affiliated Service Companies that exist now, with any repair service, just doesn't seem to be appropriate, after all that SubZero has Intentionally done to destroy Independent Service Companies, and their families livelihoods! Many customers have stated that they have experienced serious over-charging by these very few SubZero Affiliated Service Companies, so if that is the case, it is even more important to avoid the Authorized SubZero Service Companies, like Box Appliance and several others! It's your choice, but the Independent Service Companies have been servicing SubZero for 20-35+ years, in many cases, and know the products extremely well, and usually charge Much Less than the Big Companies do, as we all know. Support your local Service Company, SubZero tried their Best to Destroy, for no reason at all, it seems, but Greed and Power.
If you think you are knowlegeable enough to do the repair yourself,
Go for it, and if you run into any troubles, we can also assist you with our...
Repair Assistance Service, which you can find by clicking here.


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